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Welcome to our website.  Our Group aims to positively contribute to road safety and to help motorcyclists become safer riders through the development of their skills and knowledge to achieve the standard required for the RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test. We operate on a not for profit basis.


There are many myths and misconceptions held about advanced riding.  Although our main focus is rider and road safety, this does not mean we don’t like to have fun riding our bikes.  A rider who has received advanced tuition is usually quicker, smoother and definitely safer on the road.  If you'd like to improve your riding, or just socialise with other riders why not come and visit us at one of our Bi-monthly meetings. We'll be happy to tell you a bit more and give you some idea as to what you can expect to gain from advanced training with / or joining our group.


Mike Ireland

Group Chairman 



Why RoSPA?


"The RoSPA training course is widely regarded to be the most challenging advanced motorcycling course available to the public.  At the end of your course you can take a test which is conducted by a Police Advanced certificate holder. They will grade your ride and complete a comprehensive written report on your performance.  The RoSPA awards consist of Bronze (advanced standard), Silver and Gold - Gold being the highest civilian riding standard available to the public and the holder will be a master of his or her craft."






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